As I’ve made so much progress and months of wonderful skin.  It seems the winter weather has sucked up all the moisture from my face that it possibly had. Not only has the winter wrecked and brought out more of my wonderful dry wrinkly facial skin of where TSW has struck me the most, I had a terrible fall.  Down the stairs an evening out with entertaining some NFL players for work. In Japan, the staircases are not standard nor up to code like back home in the (USA) and if you add a couple of wonderful mixed drinks, wanting some fresh air, and a boot getting stuck somewhere along the way….the only way down is a full flight of stairs……..and yes, you guessed it… 7 stitches to the left side of my eyebrow down,  wiped me out. I took my very first ambulance ride and ER visit with my face gushing with blood. My hubby was out carving ice sculptures in Sapporo, Japan, which is another island, so it was up to my amazing kids and awesome friends to get me on my feet again.  Yaay me! Not really yaay, but more like “OUCH!”  I’m actually really lucky, blessed, fortunate that I didn’t lose consciousness nor black out and I was able to get up to walk and see the next day. My brain is still intact and don’t ask me any algebraic questions because that side of the brain wasn’t working for me anyways! All jokes aside it has been a setback in my skin as the healing areas again needed healing and dryness needed moisture back and stitches to be healed. Just when I was getting into the swing of things. Nope, sadly I was mistaken and so was my poor face.  It had put a dent in me physically, but mentally it has actually made me even more stronger, because these situations in life are brought to you for a reason; I prefer to think this way.  I’m giving myself no choice, but to keep pushing through this bullshit.

Here are some pictures to entertain you. These were taken 3 months ago as I’m so delayed in posting, but all is healing very slowly.  Thanks for visiting Sayonara Steroids blog, your company is appreciated.